Premier Mapping Solutions

Premier Mapping Solutions has been primarily set up to offer a safe logistical option for slowly reintroducing supporters back to football matches in the UK.

  • Customised postcode maps with COVID-19 locators
  • Potentially life-saving tool for your club
  • Regular weekly updates - or to your specification

We believe that it is important to bring supporters back but it is vital that they are brought back as safely as possible. We therefore appreciate that the fans will have to be initially brought back in small numbers and we believe that we have found a safe postcode mapping method of prioritising which season ticket holders attend which games.

The image below shows a postcode map of Aston Villa season ticket holders in season 2009/10. This map was originally used as a fan travel locator. It was then a handy visualisation tool which helped with facilitating public transport journeys to and from Villa Park from mainly the West Midlands area.

Postcode map of Aston Villa season ticket holders in season 2009/10 - now a handy tool to help minimise risk from COVID-19 - Maps  from Premier Mapping Solutions, UK

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, this postcode map has now evolved into what could possibly become a lifesaving tool. This would of course be in conjunction with all the latest government guidelines from the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport in England and Wales and and from the Scottish Government's Covid-19 guidance.

The most important aspect of the new postcode maps is that they can be instantly compared to the latest Covid-19 maps. These maps would be accompanied by regular reports from our data analysts who can keep the clubs updated about trends and spikes in coronavirus cases, especially in areas where there are a high concentration of season ticket holders. Fans in areas with low cases of coronavirus would be given priority at those times but as soon as it is safe to do so, the supporters in the high risk areas would be prioritised in any future ballots.

The season ticket map could also be used to ensure that there is an even and balanced geographical spread which could also be a safety factor to consider when balloting tickets.

In the interests of data protection, it is important to add that in making these maps, the method of using postcodes ensures the preservation of the anonymity of every supporter.

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